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Google Street View is available through Google Maps and Google Earth and provides panoramic views along many streets in the world. It was started in 2007 in the United States and has since expanded to include a large number of countries. Some countries have objected to this form of data gathering and have not allowed Google to take the imagery, Germany being the main hold-out. Available Street View imagery available is shown as blue lines on Google Maps once the so-called pegman has been activated. Images are most often taken by car but a variety of other modes of transport have been used. Once captured, the images are subsequently stitched together. In some areas, Street View images are augmented by privately-done photospheres.


  1. Street View screen captures
  2. Links to Street View panoramas
  3. TripGeo Street View Animations
  4. Moore's Where to Invade Next

1 Street View Screen Captures

Plaza Mayor A picture containing sky, outdoor, road, ground

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Plaza Mayor is one of the biggest public spaces in Madrid. It is right in the middle of the city for anyone to go visit. People can go eat, walk around, and enjoy nature. This place dates back to the 15th century and it was used for the main market. The bronze statue in the middle is of King Philip III.

El Retiro Park

A sign on the side of the water

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El Retiro Park is a beautiful green space in the heart of the city of Madrid. Made of 125 hectares and about 15,000 trees. There are many statues, structures, fountains, and gardens you can enjoy. There are lakes you can go boating in, go see puppet shows, practice sports, and to walk around.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is one of the most well-known churches around the world. This church in Barcelona is one of the largest and unfinished cathedrals and it has been in construction for more than 130 years already. It has progressed very slowly and it is rumored to be finished in 2026 or 2028.


2 Links to Street View Panoramas

Insert three links with descriptions to Street View Panoramas here.

Example-1: Alhambra in Granada Spain

Example-2: Mosque of Córdoba

Example-3: Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

(Links were created by going to the location and clicking on the Pegman (yellow man in corner of Google Maps). Drag the Pegman over the map and choose a location on a blue line that has a good point to view of the feature. Once the Street View image is visible, copy the web address. In Word, write out the name of the feature (e.g., Eiffel Tower in Paris), highlighting the text, and then choose Insert Hyperlink and paste the address.)


3 TripGeo Streetview Player

The TripGeo Streetview Player tool stitches Google's panoramic street view data into an animation. In the dialog, you can enter the start and end location of your trip. When you click Preview, the route is marked on a map and the StreetView images will start playing. You can control the method of travel, the pace of the timelapse, and the distance between StreetView images.

(This graphic was created by taking a screenshot. You'll need to click on "Create Your Directions Map" before this graphic appears.)

(This link was created by clicking on View Directions and Map, and then on View Map. This gets you to a page that displays the Street View and the map. Simply copy the address of the page. In Word, enter the text for the link, highlight, and choose "Insert Hyperlink". Paste the address. The address can also be attached to the image – as above – using the same Insert Hyperlink command.)

This Street View animation takes us between two locations in Scotland. At the beginning, one sees an older residential area. We then drive through the lush, green countryside into a new residential area.

 A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generatedA group of people on a city street

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This Street view animation shows goes in between two very historic and important town centers. We go down the street at the center of Madrid.



A screenshot of a cell phone

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A map of the street

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This Street View animation takes us from the Platja de la Nova Icaria Beach in Barcelona to the Viana Barcelona Restaurant. Great change of scenery from the beach and then into the city to go to the restaurant.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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A map of the city

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This Street View animation takes us from Museo Nacional del Prado to the Royal Palace of Madrid. Two historical structures full of history. The Museo Nacional de Prado has some of world’s finest art collections of European art all the way back to the 12th century. Then the Royal Palace of Madrid is a beautiful structure made for the Royal Family.

4 Moore's Where to Invade Next

Moore's documentary is politically polarizing. Conservative columnists, such as Armon White, are sharply critical of the movie. First, comment on the validity of White's negative review. Then, putting aside politics, what can the movie show us about the value of travel in understanding our own country.

The review that Armon White did about Where to Invade Next was brutal and what she thought of Moore himself. She was criticizing what Moore did in this documentary in how he only showed countries that he thought had better “systems.” I do agree that he showed a lot of one side, he did only show the better of a country rather than their faults, he did not inform us in the best way. Moore could have done a better job by showing what he missed which was showing the whole picture on how those ideas are improving the country and how they are standing. No country could ever be perfect and have no conflicts and faults. I do see what he is doing at the same time, Moore wanted to show how different other countries are with their education or health system, and even prisons. Armon only addressed everything she thought was wrong in her review.

The value that this documentary showed about traveling is how little someone can know about another country they have never visited before. Moore went to multiple countries to learn how they differ from America in their education system, working ethics or job system, healthcare, human rights, and even how they handle crime. Someone cannot fully know or understand the laws or how another country lives or works from just the internet or books. You will know the difference from each place you go other than your homeland, it opens up your eyes and expands your knowledge. It shows how the people from Italy or France didn’t know things about America.

Submitted by [Julisa Prieto-Garcia] on [April 7, 2019].