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1 Landscapes

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Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park is located in the center of the Pyrenees in Spain, close to the border of France. This national park is about 40 square miles of land. The marvelous mountains pictured here are 3,000 meters above sea level which is 9,842 feet. This is one part of the whole park. The view this person has of the breathtaking reflection of the mountain in the background is charming and peaceful. This national park has spectacular scenery as you can see here. If you enjoy nature, this is an ideal place to visit in Spain in all it has to offer.


An hour's drive from San Sebastián, land and sea intertwine on the lovely Sakoneta beach, which shines with its greatest splendor at low tide. Erosion has carved continuous, vertical patterns into the cliff walls, known to geologists as flysch, and it makes the rocks especially scenic.

Sakoneta Beach is in northern Spain, in Basque Country. It is only an hour away from San Sebastian. Sakoneta beach is a very popular place to go see geology at its finest. The beach is full of cliffs that were carved out by erosion that are called flysch, that is a beautiful phenomenon to witness and see these rocks. There are multiple colors in the picture, you get drawn in with the sand and rock formation right as you look at the picture.

These miniature, desert-like badlands in northern Spain are unique due to their location in a region that is much better known for its wet and green landscapes. Erosion from wind and rainfall have carved out surfaces that are commonly referred to as “elephant hides.”

Bardenas Reales is situated in northern Spain in Navarre. This park can be characterized by being in an unusual place. The northern part of Navarre is actually known to have a lush green landscape. The climate of this area made this possible. The wind currents and rain from the Mediterranean Sea traveling up helped erode the landscape and was the result for this unique landscape in Spain. This is a very popular place to hike and bike ride through. The biker in the picture helps scale the canyons and landscape.

The La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park features almost 40 different volcanoes. Despite the landscape being formed by volcanic activity, the area’s rainy climate has resulted in the long dormant volcanoes being covered in vegetation.

Garrotxa volcanoes is a park located in the far northeast part of Spain. This spectacular scene is full of dormant volcanoes. In this National Park, it has 40 different volcanoes that are covered in vegetation because of all of the precipitation that they get making it a beautiful destination to see. There are multiple volcanoes showing, and to get a sense of how immense they are, there are some buildings by the road showed curbing.


2 Cities

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Barcelona is a very prominent and famous city which is also the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona is located on the eastern part of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a city full of history, making it a historical stop. Barcelona is known for its very unique architectural structures. A sundown overview of the city of Barcelona, a city full of colors and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Madrid is the capital and the biggest city in Spain. Madrid is right in the center of Spain, along the Manzanares River. Madrid is also a historical and cultured city full of wonderful museums and cathedrals. Plaza Mayor is among the most popular place in Madrid for tourist. Another tourist attraction is El Escorial which is on the hill and in the background pictured above. Another spectacular evening view of the city.


A night and day view and time-lapse of La Puerta del Sol in the heart of Madrid. This is one of Madrid’s most well-known centers. Its name means “the door of the sun” or another way of saying it is “the sun’s door.” Why it gets its name is because originally there was a city gate here at this location that would have faced east which had an image of a sun.  You would be stepping into history.


3 Landmarks

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La Sagrada Familia is the largest unfinished Roman Catholic church. The church is located in Barcelona and was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. Construction was started in 1882. Ever since the architect has died, the progress has come very slowly and has been interrupted with the Spanish Civil War. This church is still under construction, it has been 137 years when it first started being built. It is rumored that it will finally be finished in 2026.

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The Aqueduct of Segovia’s history has been a mystery to many. No one knows the exact date or can determine when it was constructed, but many can speculate that it was around the first century of AD. Those in reign were emperors Domitian, Nerva, and Trajan. This aqueduct once transported water from the Rio Frio. Knowing this was built a long time ago, makes a great trip to visit this aqueduct. The scale was enormous compared to the people who are standing across from it. It is amazing how it has been intact for over all these years.

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Park Guell is a breathtaking location with so many colors shown and the unique buildings. The park is located in Barcelona and it is one of the largest green spaces in the city. It is full of life and plant life, that it is hard to only pass by without taking a look at the marvelous architecture. The park also has a fantastic view of the city of Barcelona since it is placed on a hill. It is pleasant to look at when the sun reflects off the wall of color.

The Royal Palace of Madrid.png


The Royal Palace of Madrid is the residence for the Royal Spanish Family. There are only state ceremonies held here now. The palace was built on the 9th century Alcazar. The Palace was inherited to many important leaders in the past. The lush gardens and the reflection of the Palace in the water marks a beautiful scene all together, making it known its importance and wealthy with the size as well.

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The Alhambra is a historical palace. When the Muslims would invade Spain and Portugal, became a period of Muslim Spain, Islamic Iberia. This place had many names and purposes over many years. After the Muslins, came the Christian Reconquista, which made the palace into the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella. The same exact place Christopher Columbus would be asking permission for his expedition from the Queen. The building has much history, the start of Christopher Columbus and his conquest. It has wonderful and beautiful architecture and it still holds up.


4 Images of People

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Flamenco Dancers or dance is a tradition or cultural dance that women do. The women wear very colorful dresses and usually a big flower on their hair. Traditionally the dance was only done with clapping and singing. Now it is done with guitars and other instruments. These traditions are passed down to younger generations from older friends and family members. You would see this during festivals.


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Spanish Bullfighters is a very dangerous sport that many people enjoy watching. It keeps people on their toes. A man is in the ring with a special outfit of a color, he is standing and waiting with a red cape. The bull is let out and the bullfighter waves the cape around agitating the bull to charge at him. The bullfighter then gets out of the way and gets the bull to run into and go through he red cape. The bullfighter also has an object called el picador which he has to stab in the back muscle of the bull to be successful and to win. The bullfighter in the picture has successfully got the bull to go through the red cape and has multiple of the picadors already in.


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Tenerife Carnival is the biggest in Spain and also the second biggest carnival in the world right after the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. The carnival takes place at the island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Every year the theme changes so you can participate and make your own costume. There are thousands of spectators and also participants. There are many great floats to see and also all of the amazing and unique colorful and shinny costumes.


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With many festivals and carnivals going on in Spain, people like to get dressed up. The tradition is to dress up in bright happy colors, with a flower in your hair. Wearing the flower on the head is a way to show, remember, and celebrate tradition of Spain. Red and yellow stand out in the picture that is also full of colors with the outfits and the flowers. It focuses on possibly the important colors of Spain.



5 Images from the Book

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Barcelona Cathedral has the façade and spires that are 19th century additions to the original Gothic building. Among the artistic treasure inside are medieval Catalan paintings (Ardagh 148).


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In Bilbao Spain, Frank Gehry’s sleek and gleaming Museo Guggenheim a spectacular of glass, titanium and limestone. The vast, spectacular Museo Guggenheim deserves a day to itself. Admire the gleaming curves of Frank Gehry’s magnificent design from the banks of the rivers. (Ardagh 14).

Ardagh, John, et al. Spain. DK Publishing, 2018.

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