Ground Transportation for Spain

Options for traveling within Spain for a 21-day period


  1. Car
  2. Train / Bus / Air
  3. Other Options
  4. Estimate of total ground travel expenses


Average gas price per gallon is about $5.36, which is 4.75€.


Travel Book: The speed limit for cars without a trailer on the road is 75 mph. Speeding tickets are imposed on the spot and are determined by the speed at which you are driving; fines range from 6.50 Euros to 12 Euros per kilometer over the limit. Test for drink-driving and fines for drivers over the blood alcohol legal limit which is 25 mg per ml, are now imposed frequency throughout the country (Ardagh 631).


Foreigners must be 21 years old and have had a license for at least one year to rent a car in Spain. U.S. and European Union driver’s licenses are accepted.”


A Few pointers I found on this website:

·      “Highways are called autopistas and have speed limits of 120 kph (75 mph). Secondary roads are called autovias and have speed limits of 50 to 90 kph (31 to 56 mph).”

·      “Some of Spain’s highways are toll roads — look for signs with an “AP,” “R” or the Spanish word peaje on them. While credit cards are accepted, we recommend paying with cash, just in case there’s a problem with the credit card reader accepting an international credit card.”




Total for the car: $248.43

Fee for being under 25: 12.50€ = $14 per day with a max of 125 EUR per rental. ($139.99)

Train / Bus / Air

Train in Spain

I found this website that includes prices for how many days you can take the train with the Eurail Spain Pass.

Travel Book: “Spain offers many options for train travelers, The introduction of high-speed services has made it possible to travel the long distance between the main cities extremely quickly” (Ardagh 628).


“Almost 200 cities and towns are served by Spain’s excellent bus network. Intercity buses are clean and safe, making them a stellar option for all travelers, not just those on a budget.”

“Bus travel within Spain is not overly costly, but there's a vast range of prices. The trip from Madrid to Barcelona starts from around €21 one way but can cost more than double that. From Barcelona to Seville, which is one of the longest trips (15 to 16 hours), you can pay €88 one way. People under 26 should inquire about discounts on long-distance trips.”


A one-way ticket to go from Madrid to Barcelona would cost $41.81

Other options


Travel Book: Cycling is popular in Spain, and there are bicycles for hire in most tourist spots. However, there are few cycle lanes, outside the cities. Bicycles may be carried on cercanias trains after 2 pm on Fridays until the last train on Sunday night (Ardagh 633).

“Experience the pleasure of pedaling around the streets of Madrid. The bike lane will take you to numerous interesting places. There are several routes to choose from which will ensure your experience is fun and safe.”

Renting this bike in Madrid for a day would cost 18€

Renting a bike in Madrid for a week would be 125€


Renting a bike in Barcelona


Travel Book: Barcelona’s distinctive yellow-and- black taxi cabs can be relied upon for a good and reasonable price service although it is rare to find a driver who speaks English. There are supplements added to your taxi fare when arriving at or leaving the airport, port, or train station; for each piece of luggage and also after 10 om on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays. The taxis in Madrid are white with a diagonal red band on the front door. A lit green light on top of the taxi indicated that it is available (Ardagh 635).

“Taxis are a reasonably priced option in cities or if you need transport from a town to a rural destination. In general, Spanish taxi drivers are trustworthy and do not make a habit of bilking tourists.”

“In a city, hail a taxi on the street or seek one out at a taxi stand (parada de taxi), which can be found at train stations, airports and major intersections. Available taxis have green lights or signs that say libre (free) on them.”

In Euros




Estimate of total ground travel expenses

The total cost of traveling within Spain for a three-week period is about $774.45, and about 686.34 Euros converted.

Car Rental with gas included= $415.72

Train for 3 days= $240

Bus (one way ticket) = $41.81 ($83.62)

Bikes= Madrid ($20) Barcelona ($14.11)

Taxi(depends the distance or miles)= Maybe about $21 average

Ardagh, John, et al. Spain. DK Publishing, 2018.

Submitted by Julisa Prieto-Garcia on March 8, 2019.