Least Expensive Around the World Airfare

Visiting all continents in the world for at least one week, including the two most populous countries in the world (both in Asia).


  1. Method
  2. Influence of travel dates, places visited
  3. By Air
  4. By Bus and Air
  5. Bus Graphic
  6. Airfare graphic
  7. An Idiot Abroad


What I used was mostly Google Flights and Orbitz. Google Flights would compare to other flights and the flights on Google were the cheapest. It also searched for the cheapest cities to fly to for each continent, that was very useful.

Influence of Travel Dates, Places Visited

I tried multiple cities in all of the continents and there were some cheaper than others. I tried Omaha to LAX or Omaha to JFK and the cheap flights were to LAX. I looked at the different dates to see the influences of the different prices. Flights in April were relatively cheap than flights in June or July.  

By Air


Origin - Destination

Departure - Arrival Time  

Flight cost$

      Visa cost

 Friday April 5

     Omaha to LAX

  7:06 am-9:00 am




 Friday April 5  

    LAX to Beijing China

 12:20 am-12:25 pm




Sunday April 14

    Beijing China to Sydney

  2:15 am-9:50 am




Monday April 22

    Sydney to Hyderabad    

 8:45 pm-12:40 am




Monday April 29

    Hyderabad to Khartoum

 3:00 am-9:10 am




Monday May 6

    Khartoum to Frankfurt

 12:30 am-2:45 pm




Tuesday May 14

    Frankfurt to Bogota

 6:30 am-3:30 pm




Tuesday May 21

    Bogota to Denver

 6:40 am-6:24 pm




Tuesday May 21

     Denver to Omaha

 8:20 pm-10:46pm





 Sum: $2,278.14     Sum: $413.78

The least expensive airfare flying from Omaha to all continents. Stay on each continent at least one week.

The total cost to fly around the world, including visa costs, is $2,691.91 in Total






By Air and Bus

I looked at the different prices for flights compared to the prices for the bus trip from Omaha to Los Angeles. Flights are cheaper than taking a bus there. Coming back, I landed in Denver and I also looked at the prices for the flights and buses to Omaha. Once again the flight was just a little bit cheaper than taking the bus and it would take less time to get back to Omaha on a plane.

Bus Graphic


Airfare Graphic


An Idiot Abroad

The point of the toad in a well is that the toad is stuck in its own little world inside the well. It can only see so much in there, just a small perspective from the hole above. He is confided in the well, everything he knows well is in there. The toad can obviously jump out and see the world, but it refuses to get out, just like someone who thinks that traveling isn’t important. As one of the characters has been in the UK and so that’s a comparison to his life before he traveled and explored different cultures. His horizon and view of the sky opens up by traveling.  

In the India episode, the main character experienced lodging that he possibly was not used to before. In the first place he encountered three to four people living in the room for days. There was no bathroom either. This was the norm there, for the poor people, that is how they live. The second place he stayed at was considered to be way better because there was a hole for a toilet and also a bed. Another challenge the character faced was the tent at the festival.

Submitted by [Julisa Prieto-Garcia] on [March 16, 2019].